my own id.
janefire has been my nickname since i was maybe 19.
it has grown to a corporate identity in some way - i better call it an artistic identity.
a decade later i am starting to embed it into a cd/ad at last. problem is, with your own identity
you can never really be ready, you know too well what you are and what you can do, and additionally
the artistic person behind the form is developing and much more than
e.g. an enterprise you design a logo and a cd for.
i think that's the same problem the schuster has with his eigenen shoes - to complicate
my text with that german saying again.

the logo is a variation from my former logo which I intend to return to eventually for the simple reason that it's icinologic level is so much more functional than the new one (above) with the jf, because what could be more simpler and direct meaning "communication design" than a designed speech bubble?

below: showbox (unrealized until today - except for piles of paper dummies).